Replacement of Damaged Retaining Wall in Carmel

Carmel, CA—Kyler Engineering often collaborates with geotechnical engineers, general contractors, and owners to develop unique retaining wall solutions that help protect hillside properties. Many properties along the Californian coast are built on slopes and face the combined threats of landslides, seismic activity, erosion, and tree falls; the added stabilization retaining walls provide is invaluable. 

For this project, we were faced with deep bedrock, poor access for heavy equipment, and severe slope below the built area of the property. Based on these factors, it was decided the optimal solution was to use (5) 24-inch by 36-inch hand dug caissons that extended between 8-feet and 13-feet below the bottom of the grade beam which supported a 12-foot-tall retaining wall. 

Damaged retaining wall

Work in progress

Finished project